Sunday, June 28, 2009

First of all, I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers and concerns.

The city has been phenomenal giving me access to the best health care possible.

As of Monday afternoon my wife Mary will have a trust fund set up through the Federal Patrolmens Credit Union under my name. We are awaiting confirmation on an interview we will be doing with CNN on Tuesday evening on the accident, spinal cord injury and the impact on our family etc...

We also plan to leave for a rehab facility in Denver CO, one of the best in the nation for spinal cord injury where my wife and I live together and rehabilitate and educate ourselves as a family. My children can visit and stay with us as often as they can for free for up to a month at a time, they encourage family/friend interaction as much as possible.

My injury is an incomplete spinal cord injury so we are very hopeful. My progress is moving forward at a very rapid pace. I have been eating and drinking whatever I want I have moved my arm though very very exausting and flexed my bicept. I have feeling down to my toes. I get more and more sensations back everyday. The way my legs feel today are the way my arms felt a couple weeks ago. a lot of pain and burning sensations twitching etc. I have had very little physical therapy as of yet. This is still considered a very new injury. I still have a lot of swelling of the spinal cord. Until I begin therapy there is no way to tell, I aint givin up!

Yes, what happened in the car after the crash is what led to the state I am in right now. If I had not been moved I may have been moving today. I thank all of my fellow brothers for catchin the guys, watchin the house, waking Sadie (Dahill), and most of all taking care of my wife Mary.

I am getting very tired, I did not sleep much last night. So today, visitors I am asking only be from 3 to 6pm please (just for today)so I (we) can catch up on sleep a bit I had a lot of back pain last night. I still have a lot to say and many to personally thank but thank is all I can do for right now, sorry.

Our deepest sincerest thanks to all of is on the laptop that they purchased us for our wedding gift that Mary writes this for me, I apologize for the delay by the way! If you have questions about my status, health or anything ask me or my wife. Any funds or information will have our names attached to it or they may be frauds, so you wil hear directly from us.

I (Mary) want to express my deepest gratitude as well. I purchased a binder for all the business cards, I have my journal of phone #'s ans emails. We try to update his facebook together, but I check mine(Mary Cole) at least every couple of days. We will try to update this site as well as others now that I set up an account whenever we have a chance. As soon as we get to rehab, I will pass that info along as well.

Thnak you all, my brother in law and other family members will be staying at our home with our dog while we are away, I will leave #'s with him if he needs help as well.

Densey & Mary