Friday, July 31, 2009

As My Husband Gently Sleeps...

Hi everyone.

I want to apologize from the both of us for not updating this site sooner! I want to write this together but by the end of the day after the evening rituals are completed, it is so late and we just want to spend some time together and maybe fall asleep to a movie. It will get a bit easier soon. Things are falling more into a "schedule" He wont have to be turned in bed every 2 hours they have raised it to 3 already and by next week it will be even more. This will mean, some nice uninterrupted sleep thoughout the night, unless of course, he wakes up on his own.

So, that being said, I thought I would give a bit of an update for those of you nonfacebookers! Densey is really doing physically better every single day. Unfortunately as his activities(therapies) increase so does a lot of the pain so he and his Dr.'s are dilligently working to find a happy medium so he can still get the most out of his day with out being in to much pain and just the last couple days we are doing a lot better. Each day does bring new challenges! Big highs and some emotional lows that we work through together, ya know some little things he will see or hear the more he is getting out is a catch 22 from the safety of his own room. These are things all injured patients go through especially when the accident was as traumatic as his.

Big D still wants to fit 1,000 things in a day so when he is having a good day he will push it to the max, even just trying to move his body parts leading to a rough very sleepy evening, where he will literally sleep after dinner till the morning! He is such a fighter as you know if you know him! We are so very hopeful and positive. His doctor has upgraded him to an ASIA C which means he has feet toe movement, there are only 2 more steps you can be. ASIA D and E. D you can walk but still assisted have problems etc and E is like an average person. You are a quad but you cannot tell there was an injury. YOu can walk around run etc, just like after your accident. He was a B July 1st when he arrived. He gets a massage twice a week and so far he has gotten a little back each time a day or so after, coincidence?? People with this level of injury have over an 85% chance to walk agin possibly within a year. I went to a lecture and the research Dr. whos name escapes me, spoke of all of these trials involving patients with his level of injury, and these FES bikes that he does therapy on, they are electric stim bikes that make him peddle the bike, he loves it! Not many places in the world have these bikes, and they have amazing results.

As most of you may know, he is totally off the ventilator as of 2 weeks? ago. He still has a trach for some lung secretions but he has been down graded to the second smallest size that should be out in or within 2 weeks if all goes well :)

He wears 2 or 3 liters of O2 for some of the day but does OK without it too, sometimes just gets a lil sleepy. We can now get passes to leave the grounds,I am all trained on his chair, suction, ambu etc and we have a free van at craig we just have to reserve ahead of time they do the lifts and will drop and pick us up. We are going to a bbq at my friend Jodi aand Dans house on Sunday for a few hours her parent are in town from chi-ttown. He is amped as am I to do normal stuff, hang out normal food etc. We cant go in her house but thats OK, its summer in CO! We will only be there for a few hours. When my sister Jackie was here last weekend. It was so great, she got an apartment on the grounds reserved for family it was huge!! Had a kitchen, so she cooked us dinner, we hadnt had home cooked food, well for him since before the accident. I had once or twice. Dont get me wrong the food here is pretty good but this was amazing!! So we are really excited, things starting to feel kind of "normal" a bit :)

Densey no longer has a sip and puff chair!!! He has so much movement in his left arm thumb that with the help of this brace contraption and a bit more control training, he will be driving on his own this week!!!! So pround of him! Everyone thank you for watching the segment on fox, we think they did a great job, we really loved it and Jeff Goldblatt was amazing and so respectful. He will probably do a follow up before we leave. I have gotten much better with driving the chair(I thought Id be a rockstar with all my hours logged in on video games in my early 20's) the elevators made me the most nervous as you saw on the news! Im pretty confident now, now that he will be doing it!

Again, all the letters, support, visits we/ he so so so very much appreciates. He loves to talk and share his story news therapies even when he is exausted. He feels so bad and I am sure would want me to apologize to all of you local law enforcement officers who have been so amazing that he has had to turn away those few times when he was busy or not feeling well or eating etc. They are filling up his schedule now! Starting at 9-5 Mon-Fri with breaks inbetween. Weekends are free so I am sure he would love any invites to stuff going on around the town if we can get the van!! No more than 5 hours for right now though. He still talks about how moved he was by his chicago buddies coming by, Brian and vic. Also the generous donation from the guys at TRU, who hand delivered making the trek on thier bikes which I know made D feel so cool and a lil jealous and I felt very pround that you guys also were a part of a rally that raised $ for Craig that day too. I hope you all made it up the 14er! It was great meeting you all you were all very genuine and comforting and supportive!!

I know also we both wanted to mention the unwavering support that we have had from Ann Diers, Denseys ex wife, from the 1st day of the accident, for me, she was a HUGE support and comfort to me through a lot of drama, and Densey also is sooo thankful to her and her new husband Jim for dropping everything and driving his(thier) daughters, Hannah and Stella out to him as soon as I called from the ER, making that 5+ hour drive. With all of us newly married I think it has made us all one big new born happy family :)

Such less stress on everyone, most important thier 2 beautiful daughters who have been so very amazing and strong. Ann and I text or email all the time and Densey and I cannot wait for thier visit on Labor day weekend!


Any questions about Craig, Please google Craig Hospital Englewood CO so much info!

Please get a facebook acct, ask to be mine and or Denseys friend I update daily, his not as much,only when we are doing it together. write a note if I dont know who you are, unless you have mutual friends on there then I will accept.

Denseys Benefit Fund is at the Federal Patrolmens Credit union any location.

Send any letters/package here to Craig. That P.O. box or any other addresses WERE NOT SET UP BY US!!!! WE DONT KNOW IF WE WILL EVEN GET THOSE!!!DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING NOT SET UP BY MARY.

Densey and I went out for Craigs Hobie Day 30th annual at Cherry Creek Reservoir, it was awesome!! We went on a catamaran, bbq live music. amazing.

Densey can also accept phone calls and would LOVE them!! Not after 11pm he almost always is sleeping, # (303)789-8000 rm 228 who ever is in room, me, a tech or nurse will just click you on speaker phone!!

All the Best!! keep sending those positive thoughts our way!

On behalf of Densey I thank you all as he snores hahahaha, as for me, words cant describe my gratitude, goodnight. We will try to update more often!!! Love from Denver

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Daddys response,


You guys gotta learn how to use proper English (hahahah) lol! Things are OK in CO. We have had some ups and some downs. When the pain is bad I do like anybody else, I ask the nurse for more drugs. Thats when I feel good again. You wouldnt believe the cocktail of drugs they got me on, it would make Rush Limbaugh/MJ cry :) I switched it up and tried some oxycotin(sp?) today, quite nice. The nurse let me have a 20 min conversation with my sister in law , who is in Chicago by the way. In between doses I have a fentinol (sp?) patch and many other things in the mix.

This from a guy that didnt take advil (Mary says)....

We are still not in our suite yet, still rooming in a temp room on the brain trauma side. Its OK, but a little aggravating because of the holiday weekend I havent met my team of doctors that I will have for my stay or started therapy least I am here though!! I told them I would have slept on the floor to get here!

The staff here I have to say have been the best I have ever had. In general they are all caring and laid back. Alot have thier own personal stories of someone with a traumatic injury. Even though we are on the brain trauma side, you would not ever know any difference in the level of care. When you call a nurse they are here in a heartbeat and even call you in the intercom to ask how you are doing.

The staff has either worked here for 10-20 plus years or they are young and eager and genually care about thier jobs, each and everyone of them. It is very comforting. I will be off this vent in no time and I am totally confident in that.

A special thank you to PO Reid McGrath of the Englewood Police Department for making me feel so welcome.

I also want to send a big hug and a kiss to Capt. Virginia Drozd, not only as my captain but more importantly as my friend. I always know you always have mine (and Marys) best interest at heart. I (we) will never forget all you have and continue to do for us.

The doctors here are putting absolutely no limitations on my recovery. I have taken many tests when I first arrived and with a pinprick test throughout my whle body I have scattered patches of sharp, dull and simply just pressure feeling points. It is very hopeful, though with the amout of pain and still being in bed can be quite frustrating. I have a chair ordered and I should be up in one in a couple days!! They are all about active up and out of bed and so am I!

I (Mary) never formally gave a very special "thank you" to Peg Mizera from the special activities section who was next to me and on my side from day one without a doubt. You really kept me going when I was constantly having to fight for my "rights" during such an unbelievably difficult time. Thank you. Commander Daniel Alvarado, you are an amazing man. You also, were on my side and were the person the fought to get me in that room that changed our lives. You are such a good person and just that you sat near me and lent me your support when things felt so hopeless, I will never forget all you did for us, neither of us will. You reassured me I did matter, when others wanted so desperately to convince me otherwise. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Densey here again, "comic book" I read your post and knew it was you right away, thank you for everything and thank you, Mary told me how you sat with her in the ER before she got to see me and relaxed her and kept her company, thanks for having my back brother.
It is nearing bedtime, I am going to try and check my facebook before then.

p.s dont forget, it is beautifl out here and I can have visitors so come visit! Lots of places to stay close by! Mayb an apt if ones availble on the grounds. The Denver and Englewood PD already said they can pick people up from the airprt no problem and get us tickets to concerts, baseball games etc. SWEEET!!!

Love ya!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

First of all, I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers and concerns.

The city has been phenomenal giving me access to the best health care possible.

As of Monday afternoon my wife Mary will have a trust fund set up through the Federal Patrolmens Credit Union under my name. We are awaiting confirmation on an interview we will be doing with CNN on Tuesday evening on the accident, spinal cord injury and the impact on our family etc...

We also plan to leave for a rehab facility in Denver CO, one of the best in the nation for spinal cord injury where my wife and I live together and rehabilitate and educate ourselves as a family. My children can visit and stay with us as often as they can for free for up to a month at a time, they encourage family/friend interaction as much as possible.

My injury is an incomplete spinal cord injury so we are very hopeful. My progress is moving forward at a very rapid pace. I have been eating and drinking whatever I want I have moved my arm though very very exausting and flexed my bicept. I have feeling down to my toes. I get more and more sensations back everyday. The way my legs feel today are the way my arms felt a couple weeks ago. a lot of pain and burning sensations twitching etc. I have had very little physical therapy as of yet. This is still considered a very new injury. I still have a lot of swelling of the spinal cord. Until I begin therapy there is no way to tell, I aint givin up!

Yes, what happened in the car after the crash is what led to the state I am in right now. If I had not been moved I may have been moving today. I thank all of my fellow brothers for catchin the guys, watchin the house, waking Sadie (Dahill), and most of all taking care of my wife Mary.

I am getting very tired, I did not sleep much last night. So today, visitors I am asking only be from 3 to 6pm please (just for today)so I (we) can catch up on sleep a bit I had a lot of back pain last night. I still have a lot to say and many to personally thank but thank is all I can do for right now, sorry.

Our deepest sincerest thanks to all of is on the laptop that they purchased us for our wedding gift that Mary writes this for me, I apologize for the delay by the way! If you have questions about my status, health or anything ask me or my wife. Any funds or information will have our names attached to it or they may be frauds, so you wil hear directly from us.

I (Mary) want to express my deepest gratitude as well. I purchased a binder for all the business cards, I have my journal of phone #'s ans emails. We try to update his facebook together, but I check mine(Mary Cole) at least every couple of days. We will try to update this site as well as others now that I set up an account whenever we have a chance. As soon as we get to rehab, I will pass that info along as well.

Thnak you all, my brother in law and other family members will be staying at our home with our dog while we are away, I will leave #'s with him if he needs help as well.

Densey & Mary